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Discover Chiropractic: A Natural Headache Treatment That's Proven to Work

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on April 30, 2018

Headaches are something that will plague many of us during our lives (90% of us in fact). 

From sudden sharp pains to dull nagging pains that won’t leave us alone, headaches can have a severe impact on our day-to-day activities.  

And most of us will go to any length to try and get rid of our headaches, whether this means popping pills or lying down in a dark room to try and help the pain subside. 

However, there is a more effective and 100% natural headache treatment available – chiropractic. 

The Natural Headache Treatment You’ve Been Searching For 

A chiropractor’s known for being able to help people with a variety of back problems, using specialist techniques like spinal manipulation. 

But how does this help people with headaches? 

Researchers have discovered that spinal manipulation is also effective when treating migraines and headaches, and this is due to how these headaches form. 

Almost every headache is induced by a factor in our lifestyles, such as our diets, the way our body behaves (e.g. insomnia), or environmental stimulations (e.g. noise and light). These cause “primary headaches” which account for 95% of all headaches, including migraines and tension and cluster headaches. 

Only 5% originate from an underlying condition that needs treating first to help eradicate the headache. 

Therefore, in most cases, the thing that needs treating to alleviate your symptoms is the headache itself. And more often than not this means targeting your neck muscles, which is where the majority of headaches stem from. 

How Can Your Chiropractor Help? 

When you visit your chiropractor in Seattle, they’ll look to combat your headache through a number of treatments. This often features spinal manipulation which helps reduce the built-up tension in your upper back and neck. 

And to help keep your headaches at bay, your chiropractor will offer advice about your diet and general lifestyle. For example, this may include techniques that allow you to improve your posture, and exercises that help strengthen your spine and back. 

When all of these effective and helpful treatments are added together, there’s far less chance of tension occurring in your neck muscles, which means your headaches will no longer occur. 

As you can see, despite chiropractors being renowned for their back treatments, they’re also incredibly knowledgeable about how the health of your spine relates to the health of your overall body. And by utilizing their proven skills, they can improve your general well-being, finally getting rid of those troublesome headaches once and for all. 

Call 206-324-8600 today to see how chiropractic can help you. 

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