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How Chiropractic Goes Hand in Hand with Wellness Care

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on April 27, 2020

Chiropractic careWhen most people think of chiropractic care, low back pain, headaches, and neck pain might come to mind.

Many don’t realize the sweeping benefits of chiropractic for wellness care. 

While traditional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, chiropractic aims to heal the body as a whole. That’s why about two-thirds of American adults say chiropractors have their best interests in mind. Meanwhile, more than half say chiropractors, in general, are trustworthy.

Healing the Mind and Body Through the Nervous System

Your central nervous system lives inside your spine. When there’s an imbalance or injury in your musculoskeletal system, it can cause problems across your entire body. 

Think about it: Your CNS is responsible for sending nerve impulses and messages to every system and every organ. 

Every part of your mental and physical health relies on a flexible and functioning musculoskeletal system. When your CNS is damaged or imbalanced, the billions of nerve pathways around your body can’t communicate with each other properly. You might first notice low back or neck pain. However, you could also notice broader problems such as:

  • Arthritis flare ups
  • Autoimmune disease flareups
  • Poor digestion
  • Decreased immune system function
  • Depression and mental health issues
  • Poor memory
  • Headaches

People who sit all day, work physically demanding jobs, or work repetitive jobs are particularly at risk for CNS imbalances and injuries. 

Chiropractic works to correct the problem at its source by healing your CNS. Once your CNS has a healthy environment in your spine to thrive, nerve pathways can begin healing. Many patients notice secondary problems like poor digestion or autoimmune disorders start to clear up after a few weeks of chiropractic care.

Whole-Body Chiropractic Wellness Care in Seattle

Dr. Kamell and Dr. Calvin have over 50 years combined experience providing holistic wellness care to patients in the Seattle community and beyond. At Eastlake Chiropractic & Massage Center with their team of therapists, they offer a wide range of drug-free non-invasive services to help heal your spine, central nervous system, and overall health such as:

  • Posture correction
  • Massage and bodywork
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Custom orthotics

Don’t put your wellness on the backburner! Take a proactive approach and start your journey today by calling Eastlake Chiropractic & Massage Center for an appointment at 206-324-8600.

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