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How to Decide if Spinal Decompression Is Right for You

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on May 17, 2017

Your back is constantly under pressure. Even when you’re “taking a load off”, your spine may be suffering because of bad posture. When you think how much of our days we spend sitting and then consider you might be sleeping in a bad position, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that chronic pain is the result. Fortunately, spinal decompression can give you relief.

Why Does My Back Hurt So Much?

Throughout the course of normal activities, the individual segments of your spine can become tight, restricted, or even immobile.

These problems are caused by the discs in your spine bulging, becoming inflamed, or developing a hernia.

Whatever the reason, the result is always the same: chronic pain, discomfort, and an inability to move like you used to.

What Is Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is often the answer.

This non-evasive technique gently stretches your spine, which, in turn, takes the pressure off your discs. As a result, you’ll begin feeling pain relief and enjoying a return to normal mobility.

Your chiropractor will first examine your back to find the source of the problem. You’ll then lie down on a comfortable chiropractic table and straps will be placed over your waist and lower chest.

The chiropractor will then use a decompression machine to gently stretch your decompressed spine and release it. This will happen multiple times during a single procedure, ensuring the stretch takes effect and provides you with the pain relief you need.

How Do I Know if I Need Spinal Decompression?

As we’ve mentioned, any kind of chronic pain in your back is a good sign you need spinal decompression.

However, because of the complicated role the spine plays in your body, you may also feel pain in your hips and legs (sciatica). Some people don’t experience the sharp aches and pains associated with spinal problems. Instead, they need spinal decompression because of numbness the aforementioned areas.  

While a compressed spine can be the result of a traumatic accident, it could also be due to the normal wear and tear that comes from daily living. Even a small “tweak” you incurred from lifting something heavy can grow into problems with your discs.

Spinal decompression is probably one of the simplest, most pain-free medical procedures you can go through, yet the results are nothing short of miraculous for those living with compromised spines.

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