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Promoting Overall Wellness Through Chiropractic

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on May 15, 2019

Have you ever felt like a doctor you see for a specific symptom is worried more about fixing the symptom itself than the underlying problem?

The “symptom fixing” philosophy is what is responsible for much of the opioid epidemic that is sweeping our nation. Both patients and some medical professionals are so focused on removing pain, that they forget to treat the pain’s source.

How Chiropractic Wellness Care Differs from Standard Medical Care

Chiropractors are known to take a holistic view of patient wellness. And, while they focus mainly on ensuring that spinal structures are properly aligned for optimal body functioning, they understand that the nervous system is at the root of most wellness issues.

After all, the nervous system is tied to every other system in your body and, unsurprisingly, its conduit of communication is your spine. If your spine is properly aligned, signals can easily get from your brain to the appropriate cells, organs, and systems.

However, if your spine is out of alignment due to poor posture, injury, or other factors, your body’s health can be compromised.

So, while you might consider chiropractic care because of pain, spasm, or injury, you should also seek chiropractic help when you’re looking to experience the highest level of wellness possible for your body.

Importantly, chiropractors not only consider your body’s physical state when creating a care plan, but they are also trained to assess emotional and lifestyle factors that can impact your wellness. These factors can include stress levels, nutrition, and exercise amount and type, among others.

This incredible depth of analysis is part of what makes chiropractic wellness care so effective for most patients. In addition, chiropractors eschew the use of dangerous prescription medications, relying on the proven technique of spinal manipulation for pain relief and wellness.

Let Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center in Seattle Help You Take Charge of Your Wellness

Eastlake Chiropractic has over 28 years of experience helping patients achieve the kind of overall wellness that keeps them fit and happy throughout their lifetimes.

Dr. Kamell will perform a detailed physical exam, including all associated diagnostic imaging, to ascertain the health and stability of your spine. Then, through a series of gentle, effective spinal manipulations he’ll restore correct alignment for proper functioning and increased overall wellness.

Call Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center now at (206) 324-8600 and start taking charge of your health today and wellness today, without the dangers of prescription medications.

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