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Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on April 7, 2015

Whether you have heard me say it in the office recently or not, I believe in the value of stretching on a regular basis.  It not only enhances the benefit of your adjustments, but it helps to combat the compressive effects of desk/computer slouching and poor posture in general.  For that reason, I have attached a series of simple stretches that most of you can do on a daily basis.

A bit of caution though, no pain should be expected with these stretches. If you experience a problem or have a question, schedule an appointment and we can check you out.

Remember this vital point:  Proper muscle activity depends upon healthy joint  motion.  If spinal joints are stuck or off line, muscles respond by tightening and stretching is inhibited.  Stretching with poor joint motion is not as effective as stretching with a mobile spine.  The primary goal of an adjustment is to give you back the joint motion you have lost.

Simple as these stretches are, I believe they can provide a big payoff for you if done regularly.  Obviously there are hundreds more so if you want more specifics, ask me when I see you next.

Though not a substitute for an adjustment, these stretches will help keep your spine more flexible than not, and when I see you in a week or a month, it will be easier on both of us!  Stretching can make the difference between my saying "ok, let's see you again in a couple of days", or "you feel great, let's check you in a month!"

Yours in Health,
Lincoln Kamell, DC, CCSP