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Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on May 4, 2015

As we get older (yes you, 30 something's), we get stiffer and are much more susceptible to new injuries with the slightest little twists and turns we make throughout the day.  Sitting puts a huge amount of pressure on our joints and discs, and dangerously so when we slouch and peer into our computer screens.  

These compressed discs and joints are less stable and are just waiting for an accident to happen.  Prolonged sitting that precedes lifting or even mildly strenuous activity can set you up for disaster even though there may not be any pain at the moment!  Patients who come in for treatment who report no specific trauma to trigger their injury far outnumber those who report a specific incident to explain their pain.

Whether you get adjusted once a week or once a year, the question often arises: "How often should I get adjusted"?  And my answer has always been:   "at least once a month." Even when you are feeling well, even when you don't feel like you need it, even when you just had a massage. You get the picture.


Certainly you understand that tooth decay, heart disease, cancers, arthritis, etc. are all well established before the first warning signs of pain.  Similarly, according to chiropractic theory and practice, vertebral subluxations - joints that are stuck, stiff or misaligned - can have a very damaging effect on health before pain lets you know there is a problem.

I have frequently emphasized the importance of movement of your spinal joints because it is the only way the joints get nutrients in and waste products out.  A loss of motion may lead to arthritic changes, so it is reasonable to periodically check for joint dysfunction.  To wait for pain to alert you to a problem is often to wait too long to avoid irreversible damage.

Yours in health,
Dr. Kamell