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Why Get a Massage? 5 Reasons to Try Massage Therapy in Seattle

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on January 29, 2020

massage therapyMassage is one of the best natural tools for reducing stress and improving soft tissue mobility. 

Despite this, less than 7% of US adults receive massage therapy each year.

Massages have become more affordable and accessible than ever. If you’re still wondering “why get a massage?” familiarize yourself with these incredible benefits.

Why Get a Massage? 5 Reasons

Don’t think of massage as a luxury reserved for birthdays. Massage can help you stay pain free, reduce overall stress, and help keep you healthy year-round.

  1. It can reduce tension and pain: By relaxing muscles and soft tissues, massage may help reduce headaches, back pain, pain from injuries, and much more.
  2. Massage can stimulate the immune system: One study shows that massage can stimulate white blood cell production – a vital part of your immune system.
  3. It improves blood flow: By boosting circulation, massage can help damaged tissue heal and relieve sore muscles.
  4. Massage reduces stress: Studies show that massage can reduce cortisol levels and help lower blood pressure.
  5. It increases feel-good chemicals: Research also shows that massage can boost serotonin and dopamine to help you feel content.

Personalized Massage Therapy in Seattle

Our massage therapists at East Lake Chiropractic & Massage Center have several years of experience and are specially trained in a wide range of techniques including:

  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish
  • Reflexology
  • Russian sports massage
  • Myofascial release
  • And many more

Your therapist will spend time learning about your unique symptoms like headaches, tension, and back pain as well as your medical history before developing a personalized massage plan to meet your goals.

Massage isn’t a luxury – it’s vital for mental and physical wellness. Schedule a massage at East Lake Chiropractic & Massage Center in Seattle today or call 206-324-8600.



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