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Why You Should Seek Out an Auto Accident Chiropractor After Any Car Accident

Written By Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center on April 16, 2021

Auto Injury TreatmentHave you recently been involved in an auto accident? A chiropractor may be just the right person to see to help you with any pain post-accident.

Unfortunately, millions of people involved in car accidents do not seek immediate attention simply because they don't believe the accident was severe enough to warrant medical attention.  

Is Seeking Out an Auto Accident Chiropractor Necessary?

The simple answer is yes. 

Seeking out an auto accident chiropractor's help is crucial no matter how insignificant the accident may seem because car accident injuries, such as whiplash, can occur at speeds as low as five miles per hour

The problem with many of these injuries is that they don't become apparent until hours or even days after the fact, leading to chronic pain in the lower back, shoulders, neck, and head. 

Available Auto Accident Chiropractor Treatments 

The good news is that chiropractors can do more than address your pain symptoms following an auto accident. Instead, they focus their attention on what is causing your pain. After an auto accident, most injuries that occur include musculoskeletal injuries. 

For instance, whiplash is the result of your head snapping forward and back in a jarring motion, which can result in the vertebrae in your neck moving out of their natural place as well as strained/sprained muscles and ligaments.

A spinal adjustment is often utilized in the treatment of whiplash because the focus is moving those vertebrae back into their placement and taking the pressure off of any nearby nerves to help the strained/sprained muscles in the neck relax.  

Other auto accident chiropractic treatments include:

The treatment needed following an auto accident can and will vary by individuals, which is why your chiropractor will have to do a full physical exam to determine what the best course of action is for each individual. 

Dr. Calvin Mulanax and Dr. Kamell: Your Auto Accident Chiropractors

Here at Eastlake Chiropractic and Massage Center, both Dr. Lincoln Kamell and Dr. Calvin Mulanax understand just how much damage even the most insignificant of car accidents can do. No matter what kind of auto accident, chiropractors understand that while you may not experience immediate symptoms, these injuries can result in severe pain and lasting damage when not treated promptly. 

If you've recently been involved in an auto accident, don't wait to seek out chiropractic treatment. Contact us today or call our office at (206) 324-8600 to schedule an appointment.

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