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Auto Injury Treatment in Seattle, WA

auto injury treatment chiropractic

Are you suffering from pain in your back or neck? Has this been caused by a motor vehicle accident (MVA)?

Then don’t delay in undergoing the auto injury treatment we offer at our clinic in Seattle.

Why? For many people who are involved in an MVA, chiropractic care is the most sought-after treatment. After all, research highlights how more than 9/10 people benefit from visiting their local chiropractor for whiplash treatment.

Don't dismiss your auto injury symptoms. Book your appointment online with us today or by calling 206-324-8600.

So what can you expect when you visit us?

An Effective Auto Injury Treatment

When you’re involved in an MVA, one of the most vulnerable parts of your body is your spine. And that’s why seeking an effective, tried-and-tested treatment is absolutely imperative.

Nevertheless, many people wrongly believe that symptoms like whiplash will ease over time, and that they can simply “walk them off.”

This is a dangerous assumption and couldn’t be further from the truth.

While some milder symptoms may heal on their own, failure to undergo treatment may jeopardize the healing process and perhaps lead to ongoing complications. This may leave you in chronic pain and with severely restricted mobility in your back and/or neck.

Therefore, if you have pain in your hips, feet, legs, neck, or spine, you should contact us to book your car accident treatment right away. And don’t ignore dizziness, headaches, or blurred vision either - as these indicate that you may have sustained whiplash.

Equally, if you aren’t experiencing any symptoms but have been involved in an MVA recently, you should still book a consultation for peace of mind.

What Can You Expect from Chiropractic Care?

Our chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose and treat a whole host of conditions pertaining to the musculoskeletal system, which includes the spine and all of its connected tissues and muscles.

That’s why we can put together a car accident treatment plan that’s tailored to your injuries.

To start with, we’ll conduct an examination of your back and neck before explaining what we’ve found and what treatments we recommend.

For example, we may need to realign and mobilize your spine using spinal manipulation. This involves relaxing the spinal area before using a gentle force to encourage your spinal bones to go back into their original position. This, in turn, will alleviate any pain you’re experiencing.

This treatment plan may take place over the course of several weeks or months.

And the best bit? Many of our patients start to feel the benefit after the first few sessions.

Don't dismiss your auto injury symptoms. Book your appointment online with us today or by calling 206-324-8600.